BMC Scheduling Assistant

BMC is a software company that specializes in programs for IT professionals. We worked with Sincerely Truman to concept and illustrate an online survey that assessed current and new customers on their IT software needs.



An Interactive Survey

BMC wanted to develop an online experience that could collect data from potential users and also enable users to realize their needs for BMC software based on their actual workflow. However, no one wants to fill out a survey. Ever. So, instead, we concepted an experience that would engage the user with every click and keep them going. To do this, we designed and illustrated a unique story driven survey that allows users to have engaging messaging and imagery every time they come to the site.


  • Producer
    • Sincerely Truman
  • Creative Direction
    • Sincerely Truman
  • Art Direction
    • Jolby & Friends
  • Illustration
    • Jolby & Friends
  • Concept & UI
    • Sincerely Truman
    • Jolby & Friends
  • Web Development
    • Cuban Council / Chris Forrette
  • Technology
    • Django
    • MongoDB