Nostromo Recordings

Nostromo recordings is an avant garde audio and visual production house with roots in California and India. Their collective consists of musicians, writers, sound designers, filmmakers, visionaries and imagineers whose sole purpose is to expand the horizon of what music is considered to be today.


The Concept

Nostromo came to us needing a logomark and identity system that spoke to the abstractness of the name and the type of music the collective creates. Our approach for the mark was to create a vessel that is in constant search through the unknown. The typography was created using the same angles of the vessel to create a unified look.

Brand Pillars

Along with the vessel and wordmark we created a set of icons that represent key pillars of what makes up Nostromo. Calibration, Output, Progression and Synthesis all create a place for their artists to explore new territories in audio and visual realms.


  • Art Direction & Design
    • ​​Jolby & Friends