Pony Brand Coffee

Pony Brand Coffee is an online coffee service that makes craft coffee available for everyone to enjoy. Jolby & Friends was tasked with creating the branding, packaging, and web experience for this online-based roaster.


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The Brand

Pony Brand's name came from the idea of old, Americana trademarks that have stood the test of time. Our client wanted the brand to look strong, powerful, but also inviting with a sense that this company had been around for a very long time. Skipping the cliché outline of a horse, we created a mark that resembles a Pony while feeling like it came out of a 1920's book of trademarks.

The Packaging

Since Pony Brand Coffee is sold online (and not in a retail shop), this unique opportunity allowed us to strip away typical coffee packaging fluff and get to what's really important: Flavor. Rather than focusing on the region the coffee came from, altitude of the plant, or its varietal, Pony Brand wanted to lead with flavor first and give you a glimpse of the taste inside.

The 4 Flavor Categories

We helped Pony Brand distill their coffees into four major flavor profiles. Each are broad enough for their many different coffees to fall into, but specific enough to represent each tasting note. People who subscribed to the service always know what to expect from Sweet & Juicy VS Rich & Creamy.

4X4 Coffee Sampler

The first step in the subscription service is to get a 4x4 sampler pack which comes with one roast in each flavor category. Along with the coffees, a helpful guide is included to determine which was their favorite to continue along with their deliveries.

Creating a Better Ordering Experience

The main purpose of the website was to educate the consumer about what makes PBC different and easily guide them through the subscription process. We helped create the structure of the site and strategized the user experience of ordering and maintaining their coffee subscription. Most coffee subscription sites are complicated or aimed at a niche market, but this site needed to be simple, comfortable, and easy to navigate. We included simple illustrations that help narrate the key points of each subscription option. Launch Website.


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby & Friends
  • Design & Illustration
    • Jolby & Friends
  • Web Dev
    • Ian Whitmore
  • Printing
    • Brown Printing