Unconventional Guides

The Unconventional Guides are a series of resources started by Chris Guillebeau which began as a way to share his vast knowledge of travel and the joy of self-employment to his readers. We designed each guide, it's cover, and a unique web experience.


Creating a System for Multiple Guides

After years of success with the guides, Chris partners with select authors to publish resources for artists, entrepreneurs, travelers, and aspiring awesome-people of all kinds. Each guide has a separate author and motivation for inspiring readers. Each guide has a unique color palette, but shares similar illustration styles to keep the family of guides together.

Designed to Sell: Turn Your Creativity Into a Career

Designed to Sell was created for artists of all crafts who are looking to create their own art empire online. Expert authors tell their experiences to inspire and inform artists of how to sell art and make a living doing what they love. We created the cover, the design of the guide itself, and the responsive site. Our approach for the guide's website was to create an experience that told the story of the guide as the user scrolled through the content. Each module has a unique element to keep the user engaged. Launch Website.

Get Rich Slowly

Our second guide, Get Rich Slowly is a guide for people to leave debt behind, master your money, and achieve financial independence. This guide was very green and grey heavy, so that the pages emulated cash. Launch Website.


  • Creative Direction
    • ​Chris Gillebeau
  • Art Direction
    • ​Chris Gillebeau
    • ​Jolby & Friends
  • Design​ & Illustration
    • ​Jolby & Friends
  • Web Dev
    • ​Ian Whitmore​​