World Domination Summit 2015

Building the Brand of WDS

Founded by Chris Guillebeau, The World Domination Summit is a gathering of creative and unique people from all over the world. Every summer, thousands of WDSers travel to Portland, Oregon for an immersive experience in life, work, and travel.

World Domination Summit revolves around three key themes; Community, Adventure, and Service. We embraced these themes and created a fun, approachable and ever-evolving brand for each year of WDS. For 2015 we created countless swag, conference notebooks, on-stage animations, unique badges, and more.

Conference Workbook

We developed a 64 page workbook filled with stories from the past WDS years, information about the current year, and a space for notes per-speaker for those unforgettable quotes.

2,000 Hand-Painted Badges

Each badge for the 2015 conference was hand-painted, adding an intimate element for each of the 2,000 attendees.

The Summit

Within the concert hall, a huge stage hosted all of the brilliant speakers. We provided assets for the stage design, created animations for the presenters walking out on stage, and various slides that set the tone for the weekend.

Website, Social and Mobile

After creating the brand elements and environmental design we knew a strong mobile experience was going to be the glue that kept every attendee together. We created an easy to use, informative desktop and mobile site for all WDS attendees to check on conference happenings, form meet-ups, and discover all that the city has to offer.


  • Creative & Art Direction
    • Jolby & Friends
    • Chris Guillebeau
    • Isaac Watson
  • Design, Illustration
    • Jolby & Friends
  • Printing
    • Forge Graphics
    • Brown Printing
  • Development
    • Nicky Hajal
  • Photography
    • Armosa Studios
  • Hand-Painted Badges
    • Brian Kaspr