Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks Urban Brewery is Portland’s first eco-brewpub and makes some of the finest ales and lagers in the Pacific Northwest. Our work with HUB has been evolving over the years through identity, re-branding their packaging, and much more.


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A Cohesive Beer Family

Hopworks is known for their incredible beer and wide selection of brews. Our first challenge was redesigning their entire beer line. We did this by separating each style of beer into its own family. Then, each family was given certain design restrictions so that when seen together, each family looks cohesive.

Hopworks Core Brands

HUB’s core beers are its standard of excellence. Their IPA, Lager, DOA, and Stout have won numerous awards all over the country. For the design of these, we went bold and relied on HUB’s core brand colors and strong type.

Totally Radler

We created Gary and Pucker as the first of HUB's line of Radler beers. The Radler was first created by a German pub owner who was running low on beer during a bike race. To thin out what he had left to offer the thirsty riders, he'd pour them a glass of half lemonade and half beer, creating a light, refreshing mix of lager and lemon that became the Radler.

Hopworks IPX

Using a single hop brewing method, Hopworks created a series of beers that focused on a particular hop varietal and its flavor profile. The back of the bottle features info on the hop and the beer to educate as you imbibe. Since the majority of these hops are grown in the PNW, the icons we chose to represent each beer were done in a PNW Native American art style.

Non-Stop Hef Hop

Active people drink beer too, but they don't want something full of calories or too heavy to keep them down. So, Hopworks made the Non Stop Hef Hop. The cans feature 12 different illustrated sports that are sold randomly, so each four pack is unique. The cans use a innovative printing process in order to achieve this variety.

HUB Hard Cider

Nearly two years in the making, HUB Hard Cider represents their first packaged departure from beer. We used the can to tell the story of how cider is made with elements calling back to the other beer labels.

Hopworks Belgian-Style

The most unique of all the families, we designed their Belgian ales series as an homage to all Belgian bottle designs. Thick lettering reminiscent of ancient Belgium was custom made just for Hopworks.

Tactile Details

Hopworks’ brands are represented through large illustrations and accented with varnish line art. The varnish allows us to hide graphics until you pick up the bottle, giving each beer an element of discovery. The line art is inspired by the style of the beer itself and helps to tell that beer's story.

Pub & Retail

Not only do they brew amazing beer, their eco-brewpubs are home to amazing service and great food. A place where you can take the family and still enjoy a great beer without the guilt of dragging them to a pub. To follow is a smattering of advertisements, pub graphics, apparel, and much more.


  • Rosey Award Merrit – Packaging 
  • Featured on the Dieline


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